There is evidence that Methodist services were held in West Danville as early as 1887, but the actual church building was not built until 1893.

The land on which the church was constructed was a gift donated by a Mrs. Cook, a prominent citizen of the village. The Ladies Aid Society was the recipient of the deeded land, and they immediately voted to build a building to be called "The Ladies Aid Building of the Methodist Society." The deed was written in such a way that the ladies could have full control of the building. It was only when plans were fully made that the ladies informed their husbands and other men of the community that a church was to be built. Work began on the new building in August of 1893, and the first service of worship was held there on Christmas Eve of 1893. The ladies entrusted the overseeing pastor and two other men with one hundred dollars and the charge to purchase a pulpit and a chandelier for the church.

Volunteer gifts of cash and labor by the people of the community made the building possible. Since its construction in 1893, the hard work and generosity of church members, friends, and the community at large have made it possible for this small church in the Northeast Kingdom to prosper. Many fine gifts have been presented over the years to the church as memorials. In most recent years, the church has been the recipient of a modern church organ, a carillon, new lights for the sanctuary, a paved driveway, and beautiful stained glass windows.

84 VT Route 15, West Danville, VT  05873
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